AI powered, bite-sized microlearning suite.

BentoBot powers up your performance with bite-sized, multimodal learning, leveraging AI to specifically target individual knowledge gaps and personalise the learning journey.

Top spec gamification that maximises reward psychology and effortlessly engages your learners.

Making learning stick at scale.

Today’s professional landscape is evolving fast and as we enter the age of hybrid working, how we engage and develop our people needs to adapt at pace. We’ve utilised learning psychology, our unique proven algorithm, and the very best engaging AI and gamification features, to bring you a next generation learning platform. Seamlessly integrating learning into life and your existing systems.

Daily activities

BentoBot works by breaking learning into a variety of multimodal, small daily activities, reinforced by spaced repetition, which has been proven to increase knowledge retention in as little as five minutes a day.


To increase engagement and utilisation, we’ve included all the features you’d expect from a modern learning platform, and more: social leaderboards, customisable avatars promoting individual expression, winning streak rewards, in-game economy to buy avatar add-ons, and personalised reminders.


A complete learning suite: mixed media in bite-sized chunks pieced together in integrated learning pathways that are easily curatable and customisable. You can bring your own content, or use and remix our pre-created catalogue, it’s completely up to you.

Integrate into your existing LMS

We know it’s not always easy to switch learning platforms. BentoBot is designed to integrate seamlessly with your current LMS or LXP, complimenting your existing systems with even better learning. Alternatively, BentoBot can standalone on its own two feet, it has you covered for the 70, 20 and the 10.

Stacks of futuristic features.

BentoBot is pushing the boundaries of innovation with a whole host of top-notch learning tech.

  • Mobile first

    Take your learning with you, anytime, anywhere.

  • Bite-sized

    Make learning part of daily life, with bite-sized chunks and minimal time commitment.

  • Multimodal

    Mix up integrated learning components like knowledge cards, videos, micro eLearning, scenario branching, AR and more.

  • Personalised learning

    Target individual knowledge gaps with laser precision, AI personalises the learning, so no time is wasted.

  • Spaced Repetition

    Embed your learning with a scientifically proven learning psychology, that makes knowledge really stick.

  • Gamification

    Hype up motivation, increase attention span, build team connection and inject some fun into learning!

  • Our content

    Roll out any of our ever-growing content library to your workforce.

  • Your content

    Build your own content with our zero-code authoring tool.

  • Curatable content

    Mash up and remix our content with ease, you can create and curate to customise the learning to you.

  • Reporting

    Access our exclusive reporting suite, providing insights and training needs analysis.

  • Integration

    Track learning back with seamless integration of BentoBot into your existing learning eco-system.

  • Secure

    Sign in with Magic links that mean no need to hold personal data.

Multimodal to engage multiple learning styles.

Research has proven that when we engage a number of our senses, we understand and remember more. Multimodal learning combines visual, auditory, reading and writing and kinaesthetic (VARK) learning modes to appeal to diverse learning styles and create an exciting and engaging learner experience.

  • Flip Card
  • Order
  • Sort
  • Dialogue Tree
  • Self Assessment
  • 3D Explore
  • 360
  • Explainer

The benefits.

BentoBot is good for everyone - the learner, L&D teams and the organisation.

  • The Learner
    • Accessible anytime, anywhere
    • Bite-sized and personalised
    • All in one place, simple and fun!
  • L&D Teams
    • Integrated learning components
    • Easily curatable, relevant content
    • Insights and diagnostics for ROI
  • Organisation
    • Happy, high performing employees
    • Retain the best talent
    • Impactful for dispersed talent

“Exciting things are happening at BentoBot HQ 🏢. We’re hard at work adding even more top features to the BentoBot authoring suite. Try out the demo below, and get in touch if you’d like early access to our tools to create your own content!”

- Bento Bot
Resident Trainer

Try the BentoBot demo today.

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Our ever growing catalogue of content.

Simple pricing for on-demand content, available for you to buy, customise and distribute.

Frequently asked questions

Please get in touch if you have anything else you want to ask.

    • What counts as a user?

      Users are any learners who have BentoBot activities assigned to them in a calendar month.

    • What is the minimum amount of users?

      Our small business package is extremely competitively priced for 10 users.

    • How can I onboard this?

      You'll have access to the BentoBot portal where you can assign courses to users in your organisation. Alternatively, for tighter integration - we have solutions that will integrate directly into your LMS.

    • Why gamification?

      Reward psychology tells us that continuous reinforcement is the most effective schedule when we are trying to establish a new behaviour. Providing a reward every time, helps to reinforce the behaviour. Specifically designed to allow dopamine, the chemical which controls pleasure and memory in the brain, to hype up motivation and increase attention spans among learners.

    • What do you mean by remixing content?

      Any content you buy from us can be customised before distribution. You can do something as simple as changing branding, all the way to adding and removing content using our user friendly, zero-code tools.

    • Can you help build custom content?

      Yes, of course. Get in touch, and we'll be happy to help.

    • How can I measure ROI?

      All of our courses are designed to have check-ins at various points during delivery. This will not only help our AI build a better picture of the capabilities and tailor content, but also provides great data for reporting on your learners.

    • What makes your content unique?

      All of our content has been designed by learning experts using latest learning techniques, delivered in small, bite-sized pieces over a period of time, reinforced with Spaced Repetition. This means not only your staff engages with the content, but they learn and retain a lot more too!

    • What reports are available?

      We have a comprehensive reporting suite with reports showing utilisation, learning and ROI. You can also track all of this, including learners' progress over time.

    • What are the payment terms?

      You pay monthly based on usage, and only for active users. Signing up to an annual commitment gives you 2 months free.

    • What is spaced repetition?

      Spaced repetition is an evidence-based learning technique that is usually performed with flashcards. BentoBot takes spaced repetition to the next level with various activities to reinforce learning.

    • What courses do you have available?

      We will be publishing our full list of courses at the end of October 2022 as part of the full launch.